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“They were our heroes, our best friends, and companions – and we will never forget them.”
Fort Benton Vietnam War Dogs Memorial


Loyal, watchful, faithful. When a Vietnam War Veteran talks about their canine military companions – the majority of which were German Shepherds – their service and sacrifice in saving countless of lives is remarkable.

Shortly after the dedication of the Fort Benton War Dogs Memorial
in memory of the 4,000 dogs that served and were left behind in
the Vietnam War, I knew I wanted to bring one into my family. The
more I learned of their tireless devotion, the more I was drawn to
the German Shepherd breed.

Berry was my first. She taught me self-awareness and forgiveness.
Since then, my passion for the sport and art of Schutzhund
(“protection dog”) training has only deepened, and my family
continues to grow as we welcome more of these incredible
companions into our home, one of which has earned the highest title
in the sport.

I love capturing the dogs’ movement, expression, and presence.
Several years of experience at shows and trials lend to my eye for
photographing these dogs at their best and happiest – when
they’re doing the work they’re bred for. The German Shepherd is
the ultimate embodiment of power and grace in a dog, and I
highlight this through in my photography.

I invite you to take a look at my gallery, curated as a collection of
some of the world’s finest German Shepherd show dogs over the